UCUBE Homogeneous & Powerful UV Curing Flood

UCUBE is 10x10cm squared UV LED homogeneous flood for bonding, curing, photolithography and photoaging applications.

The UCUBETM is a homogeneous & powerful UV LED flood curing lamp designed for repeatable processes.

Its great homogeneity associated to a consistent illumination makes this UV LED flood curing lamp suitable for a wide range of applications such as curing, bonding, photolithography or photoaging.

  • A 100mm x 100mm UV emitting window.
  • Two power versions: 25 or 100 LED to meet the application requirements.
  • Collimated beam - Homogeneity up to 90%.
  • Easy to integrate on the UV CHAMBERTM for safe and repeatable processes.


- Available Wavelengths -

Range UV-C UV-B UV-A Blue
ZZZ: Wavelength (nm) 275 305 365 385 395 405 465

Part number: UCUBE-ZZZ...

logoAny other wavelength available upon request. (UV-C, UV-B, Visible, IR)

UV wavelengths range: UVA, UVB & UVC.

- Power Versions Available -

The UCUBETM exists in two different power versions depending on its total number of UV LED to be suitable for all curing processes that required UV energy:

Number of LEDs 25 100
Maximum Irradiance at 10 cm 250 mW/cm² 1000 mW/cm²
YYY: Power Version 025 100

Part number: UCUBE-ZZZ-YYY

Both power versions of the UCUBE: 25 or 100 LED depending on optical specifications.

- Optical Option -

The standard UCUBETM has a dispersive UV illumination but an optional collimated beam optics can be integrated to keep at least 85% of the global irradiance at 10cm working distance.

UWAVE engages its know-how to allow you to benefit from a powerful and homogeneous UV flux at higher working distances by avoiding UV rays’ dispersions and losses.

UV light differences between UCUBE standard & UCUBE with collimated optics.

Part number: UCUBE-COL-YYY

Collimation optics option increases power levels on the UCUBE at higher distances by avoiding UV rays dispersions and losses.

- Watercooled Option -

The UCUBETM can also be water-cooled thanks to an external chiller system.

Water flow allows a better thermal management of the LED to get an optimal optical stability and a longer lifetime for the product.

Part number: UCUBE-ZZZ-YYY-WAT

Chiller Description
To ensure durability and repeatability, UCUBE is equipped with an efficient water-cooled technology driven by an external chiller system.