- Principle -

UV-C stands as an innovative disinfection process using short-wavelength germicidal UV rays. This light inactivates pathogenic microorganisms by disrupting their DNA to stop their activities and their proliferation. This method is more and more used for surface, water and air purification due to the COVID crisis we are facing.

The wavelength range from 250 to 280nm is used for disinfection with the most efficient peak at 265nm. Right now, UWAVE uses 275nm LED for their optical performances compared and their price to performance ratio. Precise, compact & efficient LED lightings represent a suitable alternative solution to replace both huge & energy-consuming mercury lamps and traditional single-use chemicals.

Scheme explaining the principle of UV disinfection.


UVC LED disinfection box

- Inactivates more than 99,9% of SARS-CoV-2 in only 10 seconds!
- Secured drawer to fully protect the user
- Efficiency demonstrated by an independant French laboratory
- Suitable for a quick disinfection process of objects (tools, jewelry, glasses,...)


UV LED disinfection box: objects sterilization, safe and validated on COVID-19.

Example of UVC disinfection application.

- Example of Applications -

  • Car interior, desk and other surfaces manual Disinfection ➞ UPIN UVC
  • R&D and Laboratory disinfection tests ➞ UVC CHAMBER / USPOT UVC
  • New idea/project of UVC disinfection application?


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