Tailored Solutions

Thanks to its know-how, UWAVE offers, besides its complete range of UV LED standard products, tailored products to fit your needs and technical/economical constraints.
For new specific custom requests or modifications on standard products, the process is as follows:

UWAVE Expertise: Custom UV LED Solutions. We tailor standard products or create new ones based on your needs.

- Customizable Parameters -

UWAVE uses its expertise in optical, electronic & mechanical fields to propose the most suitable solution. This tailored service allows the selection and modification of precise parameters, form prototype to industrial form:

Optical parameters

Wavelength Wavelength

Optical power Optical power

Illumination angle Illumination angle

Electronical parameters

Number & connectors position Number & connectors position

Communication type Communication type

Supply voltage Supply voltage

Mechanical parameters

Dimensions Dimensions

Shape Shape

Cooling system Cooling system

- Examples of Tailored Creations -

Custom Ring UV LED lighting.

Ring shape
External electronics

Custom Ethernet UV LED lighting.

Ethernet communication
Collimation optics

Custom Nitrogen UV LED lighting.

Nitrogen atmosphere
Fiber drawing tower
Adaptation for 2 UPIN

Custom Fiber UV LED lighting.

Focalized in a fiber optic
Integrated UVC LED
Tailored control unit

Custom Lines UV LED lighting.

Adapted supply voltage
Mechanical constraints
Independent LED lines control

Custom Bar UV LED lighting.

Specific optical areas
Mechanical parameters
Increased productivity

Custom Fibers UV LED lighting.

Adapted to fiber optic
Lighting homogeneity

Custom Chamber UV LED lighting.

Specific bonding project
Adjustable USPOT height
Operator protection

You have a specific project and want to find the UV LED solution for it?
Feel free to visit dedicated web pages about our standard products, our expertise or to contact us: