USTERI-BOX UVC Disinfection Box

USTERI-BOX: UVC LED disinfection drawer for rapid & effective elimination of viruses, bacteria, and germs.

The USTERI-BOX is an easy-to-use UVC LED sliding drawer, suitable for disinfection processes.

Thanks to a smart Push&Pull system, infected objects & tools can be easily set on a grid in the box.
Once the system is closed, the UVC LED disinfection cycle starts to achieve more than 99.99999% reduction rate on SARS-CoV-2.
20 seconds later, open the USTERI-BOX and enjoy a virus-free object without any mechanical cleaning or chemicals.

  • Fast - 20-seconds cycle for an instant disinfection process
  • Safe - Secured drawer with a smart UV protection for the operator
  • Efficient - Validated by an independent French lab on SARS-CoV-2 particles

Lab Tests Report

- Smart Security System -

The USTERI-BOX offers a completely safe UVC process:

  • UV cycle turns OFF as soon as the USTERI-BOX is opened by the operator
  • No need to wear additional PPE (glasses, gloves...)
  • Status LED to inform if the USTERI-BOX is ON or OFF: RED to indicate a cycle is performing & GREEN to indicate the equipment is ready for use

UV LED disinfection box in action: Safe & validated sterilization of objects against COVID-19.

- Validated Efficiency -

The efficiency of the USTERI-BOX has been tested by our partner NEOVIRTECH in a specialized BSL-3 laboratory in France.

The impact of UVC light on SARS-CoV-2 particles really is impressive:

  • 99.9% (3-log) disinfection rate in 10 seconds
  • 99.99999% (7-log) disinfection rate in 20 seconds

UVC Disinfection: Before (infected) & After (sterilized) with UV light.

- UVC Disinfection -

UWAVE has developed a wide range of UVC LED lightings to meet actual concerns on contamination and spread of virus and bacteria.

Equipped with the best 275nm LED in the market, these systems quick & efficient disinfection processes.

UVC Disinfection
High-power 275nm UVC disinfection systems for fast & efficient sterilization.