UFLUO-HAND Wireless UV LED Fluorescence Lamp

UFLUO-HAND: Portable Wireless UV LED Lamp for Flaw Detection, Fluorescence Analysis, and NDT Applications.

The FLUO-HAND is an easy-to-use & wireless UVA LED detection lamp, suitable for fluorescence, detection processes and to non-destructive tests.

Reveal invisible UV optical brighteners in substances easily & manually with the UFLUO-HAND and its 365nm LED!

  • Portability - Lightness adapted to manual work
  • Autonomy - More than 5 hours continuous working time
  • Technology - Adapted to a majority of UV detection processes

Technical Datasheet

- Complete Kit -

The UFLUO-HAND is delivered in a complete suitcase to simplified its use.

This kit features every needed accessories for an efficient & secured UV process:

  • 1x 18V 1,5Ah Rechargeable Battery
  • 1x Battery Charger
  • 1x UV Protective Glasses

Part number : KIT-UFLUO-HAND

UFLUO-HAND: Lampe de détection UV LED, avec batterie, chargeur et lunettes de protection UV. Kit complet pour une inspection de fluorescence sûre et portable.

- Battery Powered Solution -

The UFLUO-HAND offers an enduring & portable UV detection process with its powerful battery:

  • Up to 5 hours continuous working time
  • Complete recharge in less than 40 minutes with the charger
  • A status LED indicates the battery charging progress: RED if battery still needs charging time & GREEN if it is fully charged and ready to operate

- Flexible Position -

To adapt itself to several applications and uses, the UV LED head can be set into 6 different positions for a total rotation angle of 160°.

UFLEX-FLUO UV LED line, in its kit for manual fluorescence applications.