UWAVE designs and manufactures standard and custom UV LED lighting systems which are best suited for applications such as curing, fluorescence and disinfection in various industrial fields.
UWAVE supports its customers from the beginning to the completion of a UV project.

To validate the requested parameters at an industrial scale, to adapt an existing lighting to specific needs or to design a new solution, UWAVE offers additional services:

> Specifications

What are the main specs of the UV LED lamp?

Wavelength and application
Emitting shape and size
Required UV irradiance & dose

> Expertise & Services

Is a preliminary study/plan/simulation of the UV LED lighting by our design offices needed?

Electronical expertise
Optical expertise
Mechanical expertise

> Validation tests

Does the final process/lamp need to be tested?

Rental of lightings
Tests in UWAVE's Lab

> Standard products

Which standard product is adapted to the specs?

> Custom solutions

Is the solution a new tailored lamp?