UV CHAMBER HG UV Mercury Curing Oven

UV CHAMBER HG is a curing box equipped with a 10x10cm squared UV mercury lamp for bonding, curing, drying, hardening and photolithography applications.

The UV CHAMBER HG is an easy-to-use UV mercury irradiation oven suitable for a wide range of applications: bonding, curing, drying, hardening and photolithography.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the UV CHAMBER HG gives you full control over your UV insolation processes and a great repeatability. You will be able to tune the time, the intensity of the illumination as well as the working distance.
With these combined features, the UV CHAMBER HG is the ideal UV mercury irradiation oven for semi-automatic UV curing processes or R&D lab work to cure UV coatings, adhesives, inks, and glues.

  • Plug&Play - Immediate establishment for a simplified use.
  • Safe - Secured chamber with an efficient & smart UV protection for the operator.
  • Adapted to Subzero system, a powerful & ozone-free UV mercury lamp from IST INTECH.


- General Parameters -

Multiple parameters can be easily selected and changed to fit your UV curing process, such as the insolation time, the irradiance or the cured area.

  • Time setting range: from 1s to 100 min with a 1s resolution.
  • Power setting range: selection between 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 85% and 100% lamp intensity.
  • Working distances available: 35, 85, 135, 185 & 235mm from the UV curing lamp thanks to the tray.
  • Hours counter: to know for how long the lamp has been used.
Subzero UV Lamp: Powerful & Versatile Curing for Coatings, Adhesives & More.

- Mercury Lamp Specifications -

IST INTECH systems represent a significant advancement in UV lighting technology, offering improved efficiency, longevity and durability over traditional mercury lamps.
100W/cm SubZero lamp is ultra-compact and lightweight, with fast warm-up and cool-down times, a long shutter service life of over 30 million cycles, and exceptional brightness through its high-intensity reflector system.

Part number: CHAMBER-HG

Mercury UV Lamp: Emits ultraviolet light for curing and disinfection.