UPIN Thin & Powerful UV Curing Line

UPIN: Powerful & Precise UV LED Line for High-Resolution Printing (Screenprinting, Inkjet Pre-Curing).

The UPIN is a thin and powerful UV LED linear curing lamp designed for high-precision processes.

The UPIN characterizes UWAVE's optical know-how by combining power and precision in the same product.
Its simple, compact and low-cost design make the UPIN suitable for pinning, gelling, pre-curing & edge curing applications.

  • High-precision to concentrate at best all optical power on a thin line.
  • Flexible system length to fit mechanical specifications from 75mm to 900mm.
  • Easy to integrate to insolation or pre-insolation devices.


- Available Wavelengths -

Range UV-C UV-B UV-A Blue Green Infrared
ZZZ: Wavelength (nm) 255
525 780

UV wavelengths range: UVA, UVB, UVC, Blue, Green and Infrared.

Part number: UPIN-ZZZ...

logo informationAny other wavelength available upon request. (UV-C, UV-B, Visible, IR)

- Optical Option -

Thanks to its innovative optical option, the UPIN provides a more powerful and thinner UV concentrated line.

It allows you to preserve screen-printing screens during any curing processes that may require extreme precision.

Optical Option Standard UPIN FOC Optic
Maximum Irradiance 2,000 mW/cm² 4,000 mW/cm²

UWAVE UPIN: Standard vs. Focalized Optics - Tailored UV Light for Printing Applications.

Part number: UPIN-FOC

UWAVE UPIN: Innovative Optics Deliver Powerful & Thin Concentrated UV Line.

- Flexible Length -

Optical length of the UPIN can be adjusted with 75 mm unit increments to fit the process needs:

Optical Length 75 mm 150 mm 225 mm 300 mm 375 mm
XXXX: Length 0075 0150 0225 0300 0375

Part number: UPIN-ZZZ-XXXX

logo informationSeveral UPIN can be put side by side to provide a longer UV LED linear curing lamp without losing optical homogeneity.

Example: If you need a 600mm UV LED linear pre-curing lamp, you can put two UPIN 300mm side by side or call us for a custom UV LED curing lamp.

UPIN: Adjustable Optical Length (75mm Increments) for Tailored Curing Applications.