UBAR Homogeneous & Linear UV Curing Flood

The UBAR is a 20x5 cm UV LED homogeneous bar flood suitable for a wide range of applications: curing, bonding, photolithography or photoaging.

The UBARTM is a homogeneous & linear UV LED flood curing lamp designed for repeatable and large area irradiation processes.

Its homogeneity enables curing of larger areas and makes this UV LED flood curing lamp suitable for a wide range of applications such as curing, bonding or photoaging.

  • A 200mm x 50mm UV emitting window.
  • Can be placed in a row while keeping homogeneity on the whole area.
  • Perfect fit for automated and semi-automated processes.


- Available Wavelengths -

Range UV-A Blue
ZZZ: Wavelength (nm) 365 385 395 405 465

Part number: UBAR-ZZZ

logoAny other wavelength available upon request. (UV-C, UV-B, Visible, IR)

UV wavelengths range: UVA, UVB & UVC.

- Flexible Length -

Several UBARTM can be added and arranged in series to adjust lighting length to mechanical & optical specifications.

Then, optical length is adjusted in 200mm unit increments to obtain long UV lines and to fit processes needs.

Total length can be adjusted by adding UBAR one to another depending on needs.