UPOWER Power Supply & Control Units

- Standard UPOWER Range -

UPOWER - Power supplies - Allows you to power and control the light intensity of the products by varying the voltage.

The UPOWERTM is compatible with the entire UWAVE lineup.

It has been designed to be easily manipulated by the user or integrated into a production line.
Depending on which product you want to control, UWAVE has a technical solution with the following main features:

  • Start&Stop buttons.
  • Key to lock parameters.
  • Timer - from 1s to 100min with a 1s resolution.
  • Power - from 20% to 99% with a 1% resolution.
  • Back Connectors for Chiller, Footswitch or External Control (PLC)
General UPOWER Datasheet

Electrical Power Characteristics Associated Products Part Number
50W 2, 4 or 6 channels - M8, 50W / 24V - 2,2A UFIBER - USHARP UPOWER-0050-24
200W 2 channels - M12 connector, 200W / 24V - 8,3A UTARGET-AUTO - USPOT UPOWER-0200-24
600W 1 channel - SubD connector, 600W / 48V - 12,5A UCUBE - UBAR - UPIN - USTRAIGHT-075 - ULINE-075 UPOWER-0600-48
1500W 1 channel - SubD connector, 1500W / 48V - 32A USTRAIGHT-150 - ULINE-150 UPOWER-1500-48
3000W 1 channel - EPIC connector, 3000W / 48V - 63A USTRAIGHT-225/300/375 - ULINE-225/300/375 UPOWER-3000-48

- Datasheets -



UPOWER-SCREEN - Power supply - Allows you to power and control the light intensity of the products by varying the voltage with an innovative screen selection.

For the UFIBERTM, UWAVE has developed a screen version of the UPOWERTM to control up to 6 UV LED curing spotlights independently.
It allows to choose mode, time, and power parameters thanks to its intuitive screen interface:

  • Possibility to control simultaneously or independently 1 to 6 UFIBERTM.
  • Semi-automatic operations: SWITCH mode allows the use of a footswitch.
  • Automatic operations: EXTERNAL CONTROL mode allows smart communication with a PLC.

Electrical Power Characteristics Associated Product Part Number
200W 6 channels - M8, 200W / 24V - 2,2A UFIBER UPOWER-0200-24-SCREEN

- Compact USPWR -

USPWR - Compact Power supply - Allows you to power the products by varying the voltage.

The USPWR is a simple and compact power supply to power UWAVE product.

It is compatible with all standard M12 lighting (4 or 5 pins).
There is a switch to control the value of the 0V or 24V signal, making it suitable for several UV LED lights: USPOT, UTARGET-AUTO, UFLEX, ...


Electrical Power Characteristics Part Number
36W 1 channel - M12 connector, 36W / 220V to 24V - 1,5A USPWR-36W-24V-102-EU
90W 1 channel - M12 connector, 90W / 220V to 24V - 3,75A USPWR-90W-24V-102-EU

- Custom -

UWAVE can produce custom power supplies: Number of UV LED lamps to connect, synchronization & communication with another equipment, type of connectors, ...

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