UTARGET Powerful & Portable UV Curing Pen

UTARGET is a manual, easy-to-handle & powerful UV LED spot for UV curing and bonding processes

The UTARGETTM is a powerful & portable UV LED spot curing system especially designed for manual UV curing processes.

Thanks to its own integrated optical system, this UV LED spotlight provides high irradiance and optical flexibility.
With these combined features the UTARGETTM is a suitable tool for a wide range of manual or automated UV curing and bonding processes.

  • Delivered in a kit which contains every necessary accessory for an efficient & safe curing process.
  • Optical flexibility thanks to an infinite lens positioning: from focalized to collimated UV light.
  • A lightweight and easy-to-use product designed for precise & consistent manual or automated applications.


- Available Wavelengths -

Range UV-A Blue
ZZZ: Wavelength (nm) 365 385 395 405 465


logoAny other wavelength available upon request. (UV-C, UV-B, Visible, IR)

UV wavelengths range: UVA, UVB & UVC.

- Manual Version -

For manual applications, the UTARGETTM is delivered in a complete & easy-to-handle case.
This kit is composed with all the required equipments for a quick & safe use:

  • 1x Power Supply Cable
  • 1x UV Protection Glasses
  • 1x Desk Holder


UTARGET, UV LED curing spot, in its kit with a power supply cable, UV protection glasses & a desk holder.

- Automated Control -

To go even further in this approach, the automated version of the UTARGETTM allows integration in automated or semi-automated assembling line.

It can be directly managed by a PLC thanks to its electronical structure or it can be associated with an adapted UWAVE power supply: UPOWERTM.
With a footswitch or manually, time and power parameters are selected to have a repetable process.


UTARGET, UV LED spot, in its automated version with a power supply unit UPOWER to control curing parameters (time and power).

- Fluorescence Option -

Thanks to the use of an adapted optical filter, the 365nm UTARGET-FLUOTM can be upgraded for fluorescence and other non-destructive applications.

This option allows to obtain a compact and easy-to-use fluorescence lamps for visual inspection operations.

Part number: KIT-UTARGET-365-AUTO-FLUO

logoAny other fluorescence wavelength available upon request (UV-C, UV-B, UV-A).

UTARGET, UV LED spot, in its fluorescence version with a special filter for 365nm fluorescence applications.

- Video -

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