UV CHAMBER is a curing box equipped with a 10x10cm squared UV LED homogeneous flood for bonding, curing, photolithography and photoaging applications.

The UV CHAMBERTM is an easy-to-use UV LED irradiation oven suitable for a wide range of applications: bonding, curing, drying, hardening and photolithography.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the UV CHAMBERTM gives you full control over your UV insolation processes and a great repeatability. You will be able to tune the time, the power of the illumination as well as the working distance.
With these combined features the UV CHAMBERTM is the ideal UV LED irradiation oven for semi-automatic UV curing processes or R&D lab work to cure UV coatings, adhesives, inks, and glues.

  • Plug&Play - Immediate establishment for a simplified use.
  • Safe - Secured chamber with an efficient & smart UV protection for the operator.
  • Delivered with the UCUBETM version that fits your optical power and homogeneity needs, or with another product on request.


- General Parameters -

Multiple parameters can be easily selected and changed to fit your UV curing process such as the insolation time, the irradiance or the cured area.

  • Time setting range: from 1s to 100min with a 1s resolution.
  • Power setting range: from 20% to 99% with a 1% resolution.
  • Working distances available: 35, 85, 135, 185 & 235mm from the UV LED curing lamp thanks to the tray.
UV CHAMBER is a completely secured Plug&Play UV LED system. Easy-to-use it is ideal for semi-automated processes.

- Available Wavelengths -

Range UV-C UV-B UV-A Blue
ZZZ: Wavelength (nm) 275 305 365 385 395 405 465

Part number: UVCHAMBER-ZZZ...

logoAny other wavelength available upon request. (UV-C, UV-B, Visible, IR)

UV wavelengths range: UVA, UVB & UVC.

- UCUBE Versions Available -

The UV CHAMBERTM is equipped with a UCUBETM on its top.

The UCUBETM exists in different versions depending on power level and size of irraidated area needed:



Different versions of the UCUBE.

- Customization -

Collimated optics and water-cooling UCUBETM are also available in the UV CHAMBERTM.

This UV LED irradiation oven can be tailored depending on your needs:

  • UCUBE size: integration of UCUBE-15TM or UCUBE-20TM to get bigger insolated areas.
  • UV LED lighting: Another product such as the USPOTTM or the UBARTM can be installed on top of the UV CHAMBERTM
  • Mechanical customization: hole for various measurement sensors (UV radiometer, temperature probe, …), nitrogen atmosphere adaptation, ...

Custom UV CHAMBER available upon request.

- Video -

- Video -